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Delete a Snapchat Account

How to delete a Snapchat account ? How to remove a Snapchat account? How to permanently close a Snapchat profile? How to uninstall Snapchat and delete a Snapchat profile ? propose you a tutorial to understand how to delete a Snapchat account.

Snapchat is one of the most famous mobile app. At the beginning, Snapchat was used to send messages and to share photos and videos between users with the particularity that every content sent is deleted some second later.

From this point Snapchat has developed its functions and services. Totally free, Snapchat is particularly used by teenagers even if more and older people are beginning to use the app (even brands are starting to use Snapchat to promote product and services).

But Snapchat has also a bad reputation. The app is famous to be frequently hacked. In the past, many security problems were report. Personal datas and even pictures of users were stolen.

You want to delete a Snapchat profile ? We are going to see in this tutorial :

  • How to delete a Snapchat account
  • How to contact Snapchat support
  • What to do if your Snapchat was hacked


How to delete Snapchat ?


To beginning, log in to your Snapchat account. Log in with your username and your password. When you will be connected, tap on the top of the screen on the Snapchat icon then tap on the setting icon to arrive on the settings menu.


delete snapchat
Tap on the top of the screen on the Snapchat icon. After that, tap on the right top on the settings icon. You will arrive in your settings.


If it’s your phone, you shouldn’t have trouble to connect to snapchat. If you have forgotten your ids, you can get back your id by tapping on the link “forgot your password”.


snapchat password forgotten
If you forgot your password you can get it back by tapping on “Forgot your password”.


By the way if you want to change your snapchat username, your connexion email or you password you can do it directly from the Snapchat settings menu.


change a snapchat password
On your Snapchat settings, you can change your email, your user name or your password.


If you have problems to log, you can see with the Snapchat support to get more help (see after in this post).

To delete a snapchat profile, go in your Snapchat settings. Tap on “support”. When you are on the support page, tap on “Learning the basics”. Go on the bottom of the screen, you will find a title : “Account Settings”, tap on it.


how to remove a snapchat account
Go to Support. Select “Learning the Basics”. You will find “Account Setting” on the bottom of the screen. Tap on it.


Finally, you will find on the bottom of the screen the link “Delete an Account”. Tap on it.


how to delete snapchat
To delete a Snapchat account, tap on “delete an account”.


To delete a Snapchat account, you will just have to enter your username and your password.


how to delete snapchat
Enter your username and your password then tap on continue to delete a snapchat account.


If you delete a Snapchat Account, you will delete all of your datas and your profile. Without an Snapchat Account, you will not be able to use Snapchat anymore.


Contact Snapchat support


If you got trouble with your Snapchat profile, you can get help by the Snapchat support. To begin, go to your settings menu. Select “Support” then select “Technical Support and Bug Reports”.


contact snapchat
You can contact the Snapchat customer service by the app. Go to your settings, Go on support then tap on “Technical Support and Bug Reports”.


You will arrive on the page “I have an issue to report”. On this page you will find different links to solve your problem. For example on the page you can find “My Account Was Hacked”.


how to contact snapchat
You will find different indication to help you to solve your problem.


You can also access to the Snapchat support and ask for help by the web and this link : contact Snapchat.


Snapchat hacked

If your Snapchat was hacked, you can get help from the support section of the app. Tap on “My Account Was Hacked”. You will find different answers and tips to solve your problem.

But if you really want to talk with the Snapchat Support and contact the Snapchat customer service, tap on “if you are still having trouble with your account, please click here.”


my snapchat was hacked


How to know if my snapchat account was hacked ?

Snapchat has suffered numerous hacking since its launch. These attacks target members’ pictures and personal datas of account users. E-mail, phone number and even pictures. In all, more than 100,000 Snapchat photos were stolen and more than 4 million Snapchat accounts were hacked.

How to know if your Snapchat account was hacked? To see if your Snapchat account was hacked, a verification tool is available for Snapchat members. To verify that your Snapchat account is not affected click the following link : check if my Snapchat account was not hacked.

The tool tells you whether your Snapchat account was hacked. If so, it tells you what information has leaked on the internet and you should better decide to delete a Snapchat account even if you can do nothing anymore.

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Delete a Twitter Account

How to delete a twitter account ? How to unsubscribe from Twitter ? What are the different steps to delete a Twitter account ? How to disable and delete my Twitter profile ? present you a detailed tutorial to understand how to delete a Twitter account and how to delete a Twitter profile permanently.

Twitter is in decline for some time. For users of the first hour, we find that the social network has mutated and becomes close to Facebook (advertising system and functionalities are good examples).

It is also possible that the 140 characters that made the identity of Twitter disappear soon (internet rumors at the time of writing this tutorial).

You want to delete a Twitter account ? We will see in details how to remove a twitter account and how to unsubscribe from twitter permanently.


How to close a Twitter Account ?


Before deleting a Twitter account, it is important to know that you will lose all your information, data. If you delete your twitter account, your twitter username will also become available and it will can be used by another user.

To unsubscribe from Twitter, the procedure is not complicated and you only need a few minutes to close a twitter account.

For the ones who are in a rush, you will just have to follow the following steps to delete a twitter account :

  1. Log in to your twitter account
  2. Click on the following link : Delete a Twitter Account
  3. Confirm the deletion

If you have correctly followed the steps you have deleted a twitter account.


How to delete a Twitter Account ?

If you want more information on how to delete a twitter account , we will detail step by step how to delete a Twitter account but we will also answer to other questions such as:

  • How to recover data before deleting twitter account
  • How to contact the Twitter customer service
  • How to report a problem to Twitter
  • What to do when a Twitter account has been hacked


Connect to your Twitter Account

Unsubscribe Twitter and close his Twitter account is very easy and could be done really quickly. Log in to your twitter using your email login and password.


delete a twitter account
If you had forgot your Twitter password you can get it by clicking on “forget password”.


If you have other trouble or connexion problem, you can go directly to the Twitter help center (we are talking about it in the end of this post).

[box type=”info”]You can also log in with your username using the @ or using your phone number if you had associate this one with your Twitter account.[/box]


Get your Twitter archive

If you want to recover your files before deleting your Twitter account, you can do it through your settings.


twitter archive
Click on the top on your profile picture then click on “settings”.


Once in the settings section click on “your twitter data” and scroll down page to access the link to download your Twitter archive.


archive in twitter
In the settings section, click on the link “your Twitter data”. You will find a link to download your entire Tweet history.


Remove your twitter profile

To delete a Twitter account, you can go to your settings and click directly on the link to delete a twitter profile.


how to close a twitter account
Go to your settings (click on the top on your picture profile and click on “settings”). When you are in the settings section, select the link “Account” on the left menu, scroll in the bottom of the page and you will find the link to deactivate your Twitter account. Click on it to delete your Twitter account.


If you deactivate your Twitter account, all your content will be deleted and your twitter account will be lost for ever.

When you will click on “deactivate my account” a new window will open and you will have to enter your password to confirm your deletion.


Contact the Twitter customer service


If you need a special help your can use the Twitter Help Center. You can access directly to the Twitter help center by clicking on this link : contact Twitter .


contact twitter support
When you will arrive to the Twitter Help Center, you will have a search bar that you can use directly. You can type some keyword on the search bar to find a quick answer to your question or you look on the different categories to find the part where you can solve your problem.


If you have a connexion problem, you will probably find a solution in the section “Account Access”.

If you want to report a problem or an abuse, you will find a way in the section “report a violation”.


Twitter account hacked


If your Twitter account has been hacked , you can report it via the Help Center.


twitter hacked
You will have to click on the link “hacked account” in the section “Account Access”.


Follow the instructions in order to regain access to your account. When you can log into your account again , be sure to secure your account with a stronger password .

[box type=”info”]Generally, an account which is hacked, is hacked because the password wasn’t good enough.Putting numbers and special characters in the password you will maximize the security of the password.[/box]

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Delete a Facebook Account

How to delete a Facebook account ? How to unsubscribe from Facebook ? How to delete a Facebook profile and delete all your data from Facebook. offers you a detailed tutorial to know everything about managing your data on Facebook and to help you step by step to understanding how to delete a Facebook account for ever.

Who does not know Facebook ? The social network is ubiquitous in our society. For most people Facebook is a daily thing like brush teeth (and most people consult Facebook more often that they brush teeth during their day) .

But about you ? You may be part of those who are tired of Facebook and want to leave Facebook for good.

Well, you are not alone, more and more people want to delete a Facebook account. The problem is that Facebook does not necessarily highlights options to permanently delete a Facebook account and delete all data from Facebook.

We will see together how to delete a Facebook profile in a simple and fast way. If you are following our tutorial you will delete your Facebook Account for ever !


How to delete a Facebook account ?


For those who want delete a Facebook Account quickly as possible here is the quickest and easiest way to do it .

1. Open a new web page and log in to your Facebook account .

2. Once logged in, back to this page and click on the following link to access the page for requesting permanently delete a Facebook account.

[button link=”” type=”big” newwindow=”yes”] Click here to delete your Facebook account[/button]


delete facebook
By connecting to Facebook and clicking the link above, you will arrive on this page. To delete your Facebook Account for ever just click on “Delete My Account”.


Facebook will ask you for your password to confirm the deletion of your Facebook account. Once the password is entered the following message appears :


how to delete facebook
Facebook informs you that your profile will be deleted within 14 days.


Facebook tells you that your account will be deleted in 14 days. To close your Facebook account, it will take 14 days (maximum). Make sure that you do not login to your Facebook Account in the following 14 days. You have also to make sure to unlink any other apps with which you use Facebook to connect or any apps or programs which could force the connection to the account.

Well, this first part was for those who want to delete a Facebook Account quickly as possible. Now let’s go a little deeper in this tutorial. We will respond to different problems about Facebook that you might have or questions you might be concerned about :

  • What is deleted when I delete my Facebook account ?
  • How do I remove my information from Facebook ?
  • What is left on Facebook after deleting a profile ?
  • What’s the different between Delete and Deactivate a Facebook profile ?
  • How to delete a friend on Facebook ?
  • Can not connect to Facebook : what to do ?
  • How to contact Facebook Customer Service ?
  • Hacked Facebook Account : What can I do ?
  • How to close another Facebook account user ?

The goal here is to offer a complete tutorial about Facebook that can help each user according to his problem.


What is deleted when I delete my Facebook ?


The question is frequently asked by users who sometimes struggle to find the answer. I must say that Facebook remains rather vague on the subject and that the accusations about retention and resale of personal data are many. What is the reality ?

Permanently delete a Facebook account deletes all the data you have put online.  After deleting your account, data will not be visible anymore on Facebook by any other user.

Your photos, videos, posts and comments on your Facebook wall or even the comments you have left on other profiles , everything is deleted after you have deleted your Facebook account.

Now if you search deeper into the details, Facebook has received several allegations concerning the resale or provision of user data to certain private companies (for marketing actions targeting) or to some governments in the monitoring program framework (besides the use of navigation cookies and account information that will allow Facebook to target advertisements posted on the site but that is in the conditions of use so no complaints on that) . Again, none of the allegations are official and Facebook is committed to not transmit personal information to third parties.

Deleting a Facebook account causes the deletion of all data that has been recorded when you used your profile. That’s what Facebook is committed to in . Now hard to say if some data is not retained by the site.

Before you delete your Facebook profile, you can request the download of all the information from your profile .

You can download your personal archive by going to your settings and click on the link “Download a copy of your Facebook data”.


how to download facebook data
If you want, you can download a copy of your Facebook archive before deleting your Facebook profile.


How do I delete my information from Facebook ?


If you simply want to delete your data from Facebook and keep your Facebook account, you can also choose to delete your data manually.

To display all publications about you , you can directly go to your settings and in ” Activity Log “.


how to delete data on facebook
You can, via this page, delete all the content about you.


On this page, you can manually delete or hide publications about you. You can even go back to your first Facebook publications. A working moderation tedious if you are used to publish a lot on Facebook .


delete your data from facebook
Here you can delete all of your posts, comments or identifications.


An alternative to manual removal is to use an extension available for your web browser. Several extensions exist, one of the best known is “Delete My Timeline “. Click the following link for more information on Delete My Timeline ( available if you use the Google Chrome browser only). Other such extensions exist for almost all browsers .

But the simplest way to delete a Facebook historic is to delete a Facebook Account.


What remains on Facebook after deleting a profile ?


If you delete your Facebook profile, however, be aware that some data will remain on Facebook .

This is the case of private messages with your Facebook friends. The messages will therefore always be viewed by friends to whom you have sent them.

About pics or videos you had put on Facebook , they will be removed. But about pictures or  videos of you which were uploaded by someone else that you, those elements will be still present on Facebook . So if there are photos or videos you want to see remove and which don’t belong to your account, you will have to ask to your friend to remove these elements or report these contents to Facebook .


report a photo on facebook
If a photo which don’t belong to you bothers you, you can ask to Facebook to remove it. Click on this content and click on “Options” and “Report Photo” (or Video if it’s a video).


Facebook will offer different options depending on the problem .


report a pic to facebook
You can report your problem to Facebook who will suggest solutions adapted to it.


You can also take control of the problem by yourself by writing directly to the person and ask him to remove the photo or video.


Deactivate Facebook profile


We have seen in this post the method to permanently delete a Facebook account. But if you just want to stop Facebook for a while, you can also just deactivate your Facebook account. Your data will be stored but invisible to other users. When a account is deactivate, you can reactivate your account by logging in again on Facebook .

To deactivate a Facebook account, first go in the menu and select “settings”.


how to desable facebook
Select “Settings” on the Facebook navigation menu.


When you are on the settings page, select the tab “Security ” on the left of the page.

Then you will have to click on “edit” on the bottom of the Security Page next to the mention “Deactivate Your Account”.


how to deactivate facebook
On the bottom of the page, click on “edit” next to “deactivate your account”.


I remind to you that deactivate a Facebook account is different from deleting a Facebook account. We already spoke about the way to delete a Facebook account at the beginning of this tutorial.


How to delete a friend on Facebook ?


If you want to delete or block a friend on Facebook, it is simple . Go to your list of friends and you can delete the friend you no longer wish to have on Facebook.


How to delete a friend on facebook
To delete a Facebook friend, you can go to your friends list. Then you can easily unfriend with someone.


You may also want to block someone . If you do , this person can not longer :

  • See what you post on your Facebook wall
  • Invite you to events or groups
  • Start a conversation with you
  • Add you to his friends list

To block someone on Facebook, go directly to his profile page and click on “block” .


how to block someone on facebook
To block someone on Facebook go directly to his profile page (you can also “Report” that person if it has an abusive behavior).


Can not connect to Facebook : what to do ?


If you have forgotten your Facebook password, you can retrieve it by clicking on “forgot password” on the Facebook homepage.


Forgot my facebook password
If you dont remember your password you can click on “Forgot you password” on the Facebook Home Page.


Facebook will ask you your Email, Phone, Username or Full Name.

After giving one of this informations Facebook will ask you if you want the link to reset you password . This link will be sent by e-mail or by text (only if you have associated your Facebook account with your current phone number).


how to get back your facebook password
First enter one of the information asked. Second select the profil concerned. And finally if you have no option to get back your password, click on ” you no longer have access to the following “.


If you no longer have access to your e-mail address, you can click on “no longer have access to these ?”.

If you are used to log to the same computer and with the same IP, you may be able to get back the access to your profile.

Otherwise, you can also try to notify your Facebook connection problem to your account via the official online form for Facebook connection problem.


contact facebook
You can notify your connection problem via this form.


If you are still unable to login you will not have only one solution left : try to contact Facebook customer service.


friend to have access on facebook account
Note that, in your settings you can select a trusted contacts. An option which could be useful in case you don’t have access to your Facebook.


Contact Facebook customer service


To solve your problem, it is recommended to take have a look first to the Facebook help center where you will find frequents questions and answers.

Contact Facebook will be very complicated. If you have connexion problem, the best is to contact Facebook by the official form for connexion problem.

However you can also found on different websites, these following e-mail address which may be good to contact directly Facebook.

You can give a try if you want :



Facebook account hacked


If your Facebook account has been hacked, you must immediately report it to Facebook. You will find on the next page the different forms to complete depending on your case : report hacked Facebook account.


Facebook hacked
If your Facebook account has been hacked you simply report it to Facebook and follow the steps indicated by Facebook .


Different solutions will be provide depending on your problem.


How close an Facebook account of an another user ?


In some cases, you might want to close the account of another Facebook. To remove a Facebook account of an another user, you will have to fill the appropriate forms.


Delete the Facebook account of your child on Facebook

The general conditions of Facebook require the user to be aged at least of 13 years old to have a Facebook account. If the user is under 13 years and he lied about his age to open a Facebook account, parents are entitled to request the closure of his account using the form to request removal of an account of a All children under 13 years.


Delete Facebook account of a person who can not do it

It is also possible to make a removal request for a sick, injured or unable person who is not able to delete his own account. Of course you will be asked to provide proof of identity to close the account in question. You must follow the instructions in the following form : form to close the account of a person who can not do it.


Delete Facebook account of a deceased person

It is also possible to request deleting a Facebook account of a deceased person . You will have to complete the form to ask the closure of the account of a deceased person.

Note that you can choose on your account a “Legacy Contact” in case of something happen to you. It’s a good thing to do to help people to handle more easily this aspect of life and this “Facebook Problem” we didn’t have before social media.

Go into the settings of your Facebook Account and click on the Security tab and “Edit’ next to “Legacy Contact”.


legate facebook profil
You can designate an Legacy Contact on your Facebook account.